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Lead Oxide - Overview

Lead oxide (PbO) exists in two crystalline modifications: red tetragonal (α-PbO) and yellow orthorhombic (β-PbO). β-PbO is obtained at temperatures higher than 486°C and α-PbO, at lower temperatures. During thermal oxidation of lead, first a PbO layer forms on the metal surface, followed by an oxidation reaction that proceeds via a solid-state mechanism, i.e. by diffusion of oxygen vacancies through the PbO layer. In the battery industry, the lead powder used is oxidized to 75–85% and is called leady oxide.

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Lead(II) oxide is the chemical compound with the formula PbO. Lead(II) oxide occurs in two forms: red, having a tetragonal crystal structure and yellow, having an orthorhombic crystal structure. Both forms occur naturally as minerals: the red form is known as litharge and the yellow form is known as massicot. While litharge is a tetragonal crystal, massicot is an orthorhombic crystal. In the tetragonal form the four Pb-O bonds have the same length, but in the orthorhombic two are shorter and two longer. When PbO occurs in tetragonal lattice structure it is called litharge; and when the PbO has orthorhombic lattice structure it is called massicot. The PbO can be changed from massicot to litharge or vice versa by controlled heating and cooling.

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